Les Gîtes du Château de Saliès

" un païs, una tèrra, un ome, un vin "


The large country gîte of the Château de Saliès is separated from the castle

proper and from the buildings

of the domaine. It is fit for accommodation on a surface of 200m2, on its two levels:

it holds a very roomy

kitchen fully equipped with all the conveniencies, a large bathroom and toilets

for families and groups up to 20 people. There is a game of billiards.

A large piece of land is accessible to the children’s games.

The parking areas are close by.

The inside of the large gîte (with billiards ) and the large bathroom


Coordonnées :


Propriétaire Eleveur

Domaine de Saliès



At your service for any information by phone

or e-mail



The gîte can be rented  together with the Large State Room


Besides, renting the gîte  will enable you to discover our rich environment and to sample our “vins de pays” and our “AOC’s”.


   Nous contacter au 04 67 89 41 72 
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