" Un païs, une tèrra, un ome, un vin "


                               The State Room in the Château de Saliès  




This a genuine former cellar with, on both sides, huge tuns more than a century old. It contains

all the necessary equipments for family celebrations ( christenings, engagements, weddings )

society and club banquets. The sonority of the room is excellent, the ceilings being very high.

In this cosy atmosphere, far from any inhabited area, people can fully enjoy family,

association and friendly celebrations. The parking

 facilities are very large in the immediate neighbourhood of the room.





The huge tuns of this former cellar go as far back as 1856,the  foundation date of the estate

which bestows an original and attractive touch.

This cellar is no longer used for the conservation of wines.

It is now a room meant for receptions and celebrations and is quite appreciated in the region

on account of its size, its cosiness and its environment of garrigue and pinewoods.

It can greet family banquets, associations and clubs. It is fitted with all the equipments,

compulsory safety systems and all the comfort to be wished for. Besides, standing nearby,

a large country “gîte”, more than 200m2 large (see corresponding page -

fit for as far as 20 people)can accommodate guests living

far away for two or three days if necessary.




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