The domaine Château Saliès


Vue aérienne du Château de Saliès - Gombert



The Château de Saliès was built on the estate of the gallo-roman “ Villa Celiano” 

belonging to a wealthy Roman patrician .

It was a parish and the Norman XI th century chapel welcomed communities until 

 the 1789 Revolution.At that time, it saw the departure of one M.Viennet elected

to the Constituent Assembly as a representative of the

Commonalty.This estate has been cultivated since the second half of 

 the XXth century by the Gombert  family,

still owner and manager of the Château. Xavier Gombert’s task consists

in producing “vins de pays” and controlled appellation wines (AOC )

whose quality is unanimously acknowledged and held in repute.


Façade principale du Château de Saliès à Quarante - X Gombert

  " Un païs, una tèrra, un ome, un vin "

     Le parc du Château de Saliès - Xavier Gombert - Quarante

     Porte du parc du château Saliès - Xavier Gombert - Quarante

                          rear frontage and traditional park                      

           detail of gate opening into the park



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