Situation du Domaine de Saliès







The Château and viticultural estate of Saliès ( 34310 Quarante )

lie in the very heart of the Catharian

country, in the neighbourhood of the “ Montagne Noire “ and of the “ Canal du Midi”

a famous touristic waterway classified in the patrimony of Humanity.

Our estate lies in the open sunny South with its 100 hectares

of vineyards and pinewoods over calcareo-argillaceous “soubergues”,

Occitan word for hillsides.The selected grape

varieties (Grenache ,chardonnay ,syrah,merlot ,cabernet ) produce the rich”vins de pays” 

of the estate and some

others classified in AOC ( see the description of our wines below ).





" Un païs, una tèrra, un ome, un vin "


A widely spread little book about the“Canal du Midi”, lying close by the Château (barge harbour along Capestang).

A photo from the excellent website :